25 Mart 2009 Çarşamba

JAC is 1 year old

Version 2.0 of my open source project JAC (Java Asn.1 Compiler) reached to 1,300+ download rate since March, 2008 till today (March, 2009). And now appears first when "java asn1 compiler" is googled. I will upload the new release to the project page at sourceforge.net soon. In the next release an important bug about asn.1 Choice element will be fixed and the overall maintaining of project will be done due to the feedback of users.

It is really nice to see that an open source project of you is really useful for somebody around the world. Bacause now, JAC is used worldwide..
Before developing JAC I was really disturbed about not providing some work for any open source project. Because I usually take advantage of using open source projects but had developed nothing. This feeling was really disturbing before JAC. But now I am really glad to hear good comments via e-mail or blog posts from users of an open source project of mine.

And some companies from Pakistan, India, Italy and Vietnamese also mentioned that they are using the project in their software infastructure environment. Since these companies are not formal references for the project, I cannot give the names here but I can say that that was really nice and surprising for me. I am still trying to answer the questios of users via e-mail and blog comments as much as I can in my available times.

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